Smith’s Nursery is a locally, family owned business in the heart of Lee County MS. Saltillo, which lies in northern part of the county is one of the fastest growing cities in the state. When Bill Smith decided to move back home and start a garden center, Saltillo was the perfect place. Being born and raised in Saltillo, it offered him insight into what he felt was a much needed service for the area. Being involved in the landscape industry for many years provided him the opportunity to combine his love for landscaping and his love to meet new people and visit with old friends. Smith’s nursery opened in 2010 with one portable building and one greenhouse. Since then, the nursery has grown to include 5 greenhouses and a newly purchased track of land for mum production.

Also, the need was brought to the Smith’s attention that a local farmers market was needed in the area. After much discussion, a new building was added to provide retail space for this endeavor. Smith’s Nursery and Farmers Market is now open 12 months out of the year providing not only beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees but also fresh local vegetables as well as the best that can be found at the regional markets.

Smith’s Nursery and Farmers Market is located at 2309 Hwy 145 in Saltillo. Someday soon,

Come Grow with Us.